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Section 9: Study Guide Review Questions / Question 8 nominal voltage
« on: April 04, 2014, 04:51:18 PM »
In question 8 on page 151, the question is to find max wire run distance for a PV output circuit from combiner box to inverter for a 2% voltage drop.  The given solution uses 240 V for the nominal voltage, however the DC voltage in that circuit appears to be (14 modules) X (29.5 V Vmp) = 413 V.

Why does the example use THWN for the rooftop source circuit in conduit?  I thought THWN was more appropriate for circuits in conduit after leaving the roof and USE-2 was more appropriate for source circuits on the roof.  Also, due to high temperatures on rooftop, wouldn't USE-2 be more appropriate?

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